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You may have heard the terms,  DEEP SEA FISHING, BOTTOM FISHING, REEF FISHING, or WRECK FISHING. ALL of which have the same results. The term DEEP SEA, is what Destin is best at. You will be in 60ft of water within minutes and have the option to reach 3-600ft on your longer trips. When you go reef fishing, you often target species that tend to live in or around structure. One of the best things about bottom fishing is that there are soo many different types of fish to catch you never know what my come up on the end of your line. Whether your targeting fish from natural reefs or man made wrecks, you will generally use the same gear and process. In Destin, we have a variety of fish that come from these reefs. You will catch snappers of ALL different shapes, colors and sizes; Red snappers and Cubera may be the largest, followed by the Lane and the Black snappers. However, in the opinion of the crew, its the smallest snappers that taste the best; Vermillion Snappers! You will often catch Triggerfish, Amberjack, and Groupers as well. There is nothing like like taking your BIG CATCH, straight from the gulf to the table for dinner, with a side of hushpuppies!! While the "catching" may be great, the "Menu" may be limited.  Your Captain and crew work hard with the FWC to preserve the natural resources found only in the Gulf of Mexico so they will be sure to keep you up to date with any and all seasonal regulations.

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